Jswap Single Token Overview

2 min readAug 25, 2021

Independently audited, Single Token Staking on Jswap.Finance is a securely aggregated assets management platform. Different from other platforms in the same category, it’s totally free of charge. There is no deduction from the platform, and all profits go to the users. Now, Jswap has been one of the largest DExs on OKC as well as the largest aggregated assets management platform.

As we all know, single token staking mining usually represents stability, low returns, and does not generate any new value by itself. But they are not unused value.

Jswap has successfully turned the single token staking pool into a compound-earning machine gun pool. In addition to supporting most mainstream assets to obtain JF losslessly with a single token, Jswap will also participate in other DeFi single token staking mining at the same time, and obtain high mining incomes through high frequency compound earnings.

In this way, Jswap’s single token staking is a revenue body of: JF from the original staking, benefits of other DeFi single staking, and the bonus incomes brought by high-frequency compound earnings. Moreover, not as other pools which will proportionally share profits, Jswap will use all profits to repurchase JF and give them to staking users. It’s not hard to find out here that Jswap is trying to build a solid protective wall for itself, and through external mining revenues, repurchases JF from the secondary market to boost JF price, gives back to Jswap community users, forms a strong community with cohesion, and sustains a virtuous circle of strong prices.

JF’s output is small and repurchase is large. The continuous repurchase power will bring values to JF. Steady developments and innovations will form a value shield. The deflation mechanism will bring JF’s stable value-adding and contribute to Jswap users more lucrative returns. The fundamentals have been formed, just waiting to explode!

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