Work Schedule

1 min readDec 17, 2021


🔥 Cross chain of JF Token;

🔥 Deployment on BSC of the existing functions on OKC;

🔥 Overall optimization and upgrading of our platform’s UI;

🔥 Launch single-token staking mining function by value locked for 30, 60 and 90 days;

🔥 Launch IDO function (anyone can “initiate raising” or “participate in raising” any token in Jswap. It is allowed to automatically add pools and lock LP);

🔥 Launch Syrup Pool, that is, stake JF for other tokens mining, or stake others for JF mining. And anyone can initiate designated staking of any token, LP, and reward designated tokens every day, etc. Community MEME projects have no need to develop mining function by yourselves;

🔥 Speed optimization of trading and data access;

🔥 Language optimization and correction, covering countries who rank top 30 in visits;

🔥 Bonus scene ‼️ More mysterious functions are under development and will go LIVE one after another!