Jswap Q3 Progress

5 min readOct 29, 2021


Since Jswap was launched on July 29

Total Output: 33,715,861 JF

Circulation Amount: 20,025,625 JF

Destruction: 13,690,235 JF

Token-holding Addresses: 253,834

Current Price: 2.338 USDT

TVL: $166.79M ranking second on OKC

Q3: JF Lowest Price: 0.18 USDT Up to 3.8 USDT

The highest price rise was more than 2100%

Followers on Twitter reach 78.5K

Members in Telegram community exceed 60K

July 29-Jswap.Finance was firstly launched on OKC

Open swap, fund pool, Farm and dividend pool. Everyone participated in Jswap’s first mining pool.

The earning rate of JF/USDT Farm: 4808.05%.

Jswap opened JF trading and mining airdrop activities.

Publicly collected users’ addresses of Jswap test network, and airdropped 100k JF to the users of test network.

July 30

coinness, coinreaders, tokenpost, decenter, blockmedia, cobak — announced the launch of Jswap which is based on OKxChain(OKC) DEX and DeFi agreement.

Jswap opened single-token mining and supported the following token mining — BTC、LTC、ETH、FIL、DOT、OKB、OKT、USDC、USDK、USDT、SUSHI、UNI、DAI

July 31

Jswap.Finance was regarded as the second hot news by Korean #JSwap holder in the largest Korean community “Cobak”!

Yahoo Finance released Jswap “swap = mining” DEX on OKxChain

Jswap was recommended by several Korean telegram communities.

The founder of Jswap was invited to conduct AMA activities with @cryptopatsu in The AMA Room.

Jswap.Finance ranked first among the largest encryption / blockchain community platform “Cobak”.

August 2

Jswap.Finance smart contract was fully open-source and passed @ Slowmist_ Team audit at low risk.

On the 5th day of Jswap’s launch, TVL exceeded $33 million.

Jswap.Finance was included into @ TokenPocket_TP.

August 3

Jswap issued airdrop to users who were eligible for awards in memes activity.

Jswap was shown on @CoinMarketCap and held airdrop activities.

Jswap.Finance was included into @BitKeepOS.

Jswap.Finance was trending on Naver.

August 4

The founder of Jswap was invited to conduct AMA in Nerve community.

August 5

Coinness launched.

On the 8th day of Jswap’s launch, TVL exceeded 90 billion KRW (about $79.35 million)

August 9

Jswap.Finance TVL reached $100,630,563

Coinness announced that the TVL of Jswap exceeded 114.3 billion KRW (about $100 million)

Jswap opened the first IFO. Successfully completed IFO and destroyed the raised JF.

August 10

Globenewswire in the UK announced the launch of Jswap on OKC and the introduction of Jswap.

Jswap published instructions.

August 11

Cryptomode reported that Jswap is the first platform to bring decentralized asset management to OKxChain users.

Jswap obtained attention of @Wealth Ventures_Team.

August 12

Jswap announced that from August 16, 2021, the output of JF will be reduced from 20 / block (576K / day) to 4 / block (112.5K / day), a decrease of 80%.

Jswap.Finance landed on Xangle, the largest and most professional digital-asset evaluation platform in South Korea.

August 13

Jswap.Finance holds the first AMA in Seoul!

Jswap launched a new function -create token.

August 15

Jswap completed the first production reduction to 4 /block (112.5K / day). Jswap’s TVL exceeded $200,000,000.

August 21

Jswap issued 100K JF airdrops to the collected test-network addresses.

August 22

Jswap released a new single-token mining mode to make single-token mining more profitable.

August 27

Jswap.Finance was included into @DeBankDeFi. Mining dynamics can be tracked on this platform.

August 30

Jswap opened the second IFO and successfully completed it.

Destroyed the JF raised by the second IFO and distributed the raised USDT to the IFO project address.

September 2

Jswap.Finance was invited to hold AMA together with the largest Korean community FireAnt!

Jswap launched the function of Market Quotation Tool.

September 4

Jswap opened the Token-launch Application & IFO Application.

September 6

Jswap announced that it had reached a cooperation with the game team to launch Gamefi.

Jswap was included into @WhatsCoinGlobal.

September 10

Smart contract of Jswap’s single token stake passed the SlowMist audit and was completely open-source on blockchain.

September 14

Jswap’s TVL ranked third on OKxChain.

September 18

Jswap completed the third IFO, and destroyed the raised JF.

Jswap was invited by OKxChain to participate in AMA and held airdrop activities.

September 20

Jswap announced that the total amount of JF would be adjusted from 1 billion to 100 million and would never increase.

September 29

Jswap was recorded by @coin98_wallet and opened airdrop activities.

On October 5

Jswap released video preview of Bunny Army.

October 8

Jswap’s TVL exceeded $100 million again.

Jswap reached an agreement with early investors to voluntarily destroy 10 million JF.

October 9

Jswap announced that the JF price reached $5, so its output was reduced by 50% again.

Jswap’s TVL ranked №2 on OKxChain.

Jswap’s TVL had doubled rapidly in a week.

October 12

Jswap opened the fourth IFO -Bunny Army.

Jswap announced that the sales amount of the first-generation bunnies in Bunny Army exceeded $6.8 million, which would all be used to repurchase JF and destroy them.

October 14

Jswap received @tugoushequ invitation for AMA activities.

Jswap released a new Onepage.

October 15

The fourth IFO -Bunny Army of Jswap was completed successfully. More than 23313.77% JLP was raised.

Bunny Army-BAC launched Swap & Farm in Jswap.

October 19

Bunny Army -bunny NFT Mystery Box began to sell

Bunny Army -released all bunny categories.

Bunny Army-bunny NFT Mystery Box sold more than $2.8 million in 24 hours.

October 21

Jswap published the sales address of bunny NFT Mystery Box. Users could inquire the usage through OKlink to confirm that all revenue was used to repurchase JF and destroy them.

October 22

Bunny Army -the sales price of bunny NFT Mystery Box was adjusted to $720.

October 24

Jswap released a new version of Onepage.

Bunny Army -published Onepage.

October 25

Bunny Army-the sales price of bunny NFT Mystery Box was adjusted to $800.

Bunny Army -the smart contract passed the audit of @certik_io.

Jswap distributed 100K JF airdrops to all participants of transaction.

Bunny Army -officially launched.

October 26

Bunny Army -published the development plan.

October 28

Jswap repurchased 796910 JF and destroyed them. And this was just the beginning.

Jswap.Finance is the world’s first completely community-driven decentralized transaction and financial management agreement. All profits belong to the community.


Bunny Army is a decentralized GameFi+NFT fighting game, originally created by JSWAP FINANCE. It has vivid and lovely roles, rich and intelligence-beneficial content, as well as thrilling and exciting levels. BAC (Bunny Army Carrot) is the community’s governance token. CAR (Carrot) is the value-reversal voucher and game-clearance reward while playing and making money in the game.


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