JFSWAP.COM Decentralized Trading Platform


It supports a series of functions such as token exchange, liquidity pool, aggregate transaction, quick creation of KIP/BEP tokens, LP&Token lock pool, etc., and is committed to providing users with one-stop DeFi services.

The platform token JF is close to stopping the output, and the number of queries on the chain is the total circulation.

Basic Info:


Official website: jfswap.com
Governance Token: JF
Contract address: 0x5fac926bf1e638944bb16fb5b787b5ba4bc85b0a
Public chain: OEC, BSC, ETH
Security Audit: SlowMist


V1 and V2:


Run V1 and V2 versions based on OKC, BSC, and only V2 version based on ETH. JFSWAP.COM is a standard AMM Swap, and the technical code is derived from UniSwap.

The only difference between V1 and V2 is: V1 has a transaction fee of 0.3% (rewarded to liquidity providers); V2 has a transaction fee of 1% (rewarded to liquidity providers and uses JF as a settlement token, real-time airdrop to wallet address).


Burning of JF:


1. The platform revenue of V1 is used to buy back and destroy JF;
2. Burning mining: 1 JF can be exchanged for 100 Hash, the consumed JF will be automatically destroyed, and the pledged Hash will enjoy triple ultra-high returns and earn more JF;
3. For the group chat function of its big data platform Ave.ai, 10 JF must be destroyed to join the group, and 200 JF must be destroyed to apply for the administrator;
4. More burning scenarios are in progress…




Before using this platform, please make sure that your actions comply with the laws and regulations of your country and region. The essence of JFSWAP.COM is just a set of decentralized smart contracts. Anyone can freely add tokens and their liquidity, and can also withdraw them at will… The platform does not endorse any project, and all investment and legal risks will be borne by the participants themselves.

🛡Safety Audit :

JSwap Safety Audit









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