JFswap.com ETH V2 Announcement

2 min readSep 26, 2022

The developers of JFsawp.com have started to deploy the V2 version on the ETH chain, and it is planned to be officially launched in late October

1 There will be no additional issuance of JF on the ETH chain, it will be obtained by the JF holders of OKC and BSC through “limited time exchange” on the official website;

2 The total amount of JF in the ETH chain is equal to the amount of exchange in the “limited time” period;

3 Deadline for exchange: the exchange will be valid before 01:00 PM UTC on October 25, 2022 (before the exchange function goes offline);

4 The initial price of JF on the ETH chain is 1 USD, and at addresses that participate in the exchange of OKC and BSC, you can receive JF on the official website of the ETH chain.
(For example, when you exchange, the unit price of JF of OKC is 0.1U, you exchange 1000, and you can get 100 JF at JFswap.com after the ETH chain goes online.

When you exchange, the unit price of JF of BSC is 2USDT, you exchange 1000 pieces, and you can get 2000 pieces at JFswap.com after the ETH chain goes online.

✅ All JF participating in the exchange in BSC and OKC will automatically go to the black hole address and which is irrevocable;

✅ The circulation of JF will never increase, continuous burning reduces the circulation of JF, and keeps the market value stable and increasing.