JFSWAP.COM Brand Upgrade & Future Planning

2 min readJul 19, 2022


JFSWAP was launched in July 2021. It has been operating very well for nearly a year. It has defeated all other platforms of the same type and has become the most powerful one of OKC’s native projects. It has won the recognition of many DeFi fans. The Jswap.Finance operation team will also continue to work hard to let more people who love DeFi join in. This month is also about to usher in the 1st anniversary of JFSWAP.

Therefore, we have made an optimization plan for Jswap.Finance product planning and announced it to everyone: (I believe this is also what everyone cares about 🧐)

  1. A new UI upgrade will be carried out in the near future, with more beautiful and concise pages, better user experience, and smoother interaction.

2. The Jswap.Finance brand is upgraded to JFSWAP.COM, and a new domain name is enabled:

3. JFSWAP V2 is coming (V1 and V2 can be switched freely), and JF tokens will be permanently discontinued in V1’s “LP farm”.

4. V2 is a pure Swap, with only functions such as trading and casting pools, and will never produce JF tokens again.

5. The transaction fee share of liquidity providers has been increased from 0.3% to 0.8%, and all of them will be automatically purchased into JF in the secondary market, and will be automatically airdropped to LP holders who provide liquidity on JFSWAP.COM. As long as the transaction pair has transaction volume, the corresponding fee income will be generated, and it will be automatically settled to the account wallet in real time, instead of adding the classical DeFi to the LP.

6. Liquidity providers of JFSWAP.COM V2 version will receive higher rewards, higher returns than now.

7. The world’s largest DEX data platform Ave.ai #OKC data service, only supports JFSWAP.COM, other #OKC DEX have been blocked! More convenient query, hot search and capture, project casting pool, only the best JFSWAP.COM in #OKC

8. V2 will be implemented in OKC test first, and then synchronized to BSC. After ETH2.0 is launched, it will be deployed on the Ethereum chain

9. Only the official and new investors of the platform will gradually add mainstream currency liquidity (excluding users) of no less than $5million in V2. It will be automatically traded by robots all the time, generating excellent handling fee income. In the case of JF’s permanent shutdown, these continuous handling fees will be exchanged for JF, forming purchasing power and value base.

The V2 version of JFSWAP.COM will allow JF to have less circulation and more purchases, so that everyone’s rights and interests are guaranteed.