Important Announcement: adjustment of dividend pool functions!

1 min readOct 12, 2021

As some functions of “dividend pool” do not meet the CEX launching requirements, we have stopped the operation of these functions.

Always uphold the concept — “all revenues of the platform belong to the community” — to protect the rights and interests of JF, the platform still uses all revenues to repurchase JF, and readjusts from the original 20% destruction to 100% destruction of repurchased JF. Let JF continue to decrease and become more rare. The valuable destruction of repurchased tokens is the key to the most fair and extensive dividend.

We’ve been working hard!

Additionally, in order not to affect users’ financial needs, the weight of “single token pledge -jf” will be raised to increase the pledge yield and ensure the income of JF holders’ financial needs. It will be announced after adjustment, please do not worry. It’s coming soon.

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