About solo-token LP mining of JFSWAP BSC

1 min readApr 16, 2022

Solo-token LP mining is the aggregated solo-token LP mining protocol of JFSWAP BSC.

Earn Profits:
Just deposit one single token and make it matched with the single token of others to generate liquidity, so as to earn JF.

Impermanence Loss:
Match the price according to the time for liquidity composition. Multiple calculation methods and jointly-undertaken impermanent losses

About JFswap:
JFSWAP.COM decentralized trading platform #OKC #BSC #ETH


The total amount of the governance token JF is 21 million. All profits of the platform are used for JF repurchase and destruction. It supports a series of functions such as token exchange, fund pool, LP Farm, aggregate financial management, cross-chain bridge, IDO, etc. And it is committed to providing users with one-stop DeFi services.

Basic Information:


Official Website: JFSWAP.COM
Governance Token: JF
Contract Address: 0x5fac926bf1e638944bb16fb5b787b5ba4bc85b0a
Maximum Total: 21 million
Mining Output: 100%
Public Blockchain: OEC, BSC
Security Audit: SlowMist

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